One-Time Services

High End Optimization Service | Price: £125.00 [Order Here]

If you want to ensure the best possible performance for your visitors, this is the plan for you. Unlike the general optimization carried out in our standard setup services, one of our senior system administrators will setup Apache and MySQL based specifically on your server specifications and current usage patterns by making adjustments and monitoring in real-time over a period of hours. We will also look at improving your CPU and I/O performance by building a custom kernel for your server.

  • Expert Apache and MySQL Optimization
  • Filesystem/Kernel level Tuning
  • (Optional) Installation of Unixy Varnish (Small Monthly subscription required)

LAMP Installation | Price: £25.00 - £50.00 depending on requirements. Please contact us.

If you don't want a control panel, or don't want the cost or added complexity of something like cPanel or DirectAdmin, we can install a complete LAMP environment from scratch. This can be done using your linux distributions own packages, allowing the complete stack to be updated with a single command! Alternativley we can compile major components from source to give you the latest and greatest features and performance.

Our reccomended/default stack is based around:

  • Apache with MPM_Prefork or MPM_Worker, Mod_SSL
  • PHP with SuPHP, Ioncube, Zend Guard + standard PHP modules commonly found on servers
  • MySQL
  • Postfix - SMTP
  • Dovecot - POP3/IMAP
  • PhpMyAdmin
  • Roundcube Webmail
  • vsFTPD
  • (Optional) SSH scripts to easily add users, apache virtualhosts and databases from commandline
  • (Optional) Webmin control panel - 100% free and allows you to monitor + edit your server from a web interface

1 Hour Level 3 Administration | Price: £25.00 [Order Here]

If none of our pre-set packages are what you are looking for, you probably need something completely custom.

At a fixed rate of £25/Hour one of our senior system administrators will work on your system. All senior admins are based in the UK and hold a current RedHat Certified Engineer (RHCE) with a minimum of 5 years Linux experience.

Please contact us for a custom quote before ordering this service.

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